My  name is Archana and I am a part of the Digital Marketing team of ipsr solutions ltd. B.Tech Computer Science graduate with 8+ years of experience. A blogger, a Graphic Designer and a Photographer. Also completed diploma in Digital Marketing.

My current certifications from Google are

  • Google Adwords Certified
  • AdWords Video Certified
  • AdWords Display Certified
  • AdWords Shopping Certified
  • Google Analytics Certified


Back in 2013 I was so much addicted to Facebook and one day while checking news feed I went through an article about digital marketing. I din’t know it at the time but that moment changed my life.

Within 24 hours of reading the article, I started researching on Digital Marketing where I explored about search engines, social medias, and making money through ad sense and affiliate marketing. And then I realized I can make money through managing social media accounts and through Digital Marketing and there are a lot of opportunities out there in this field.

It was at that time I got an opportunity from ipsr solutions ltd to work as an SEO Engineer. I have learned so much from IPSR and tried implementing the things I researched about Digital Marketing.

As my projects started growing in popularity I got confidence and appreciation from the team. And that was how the marketing through digital medias like social medias became a profession from a hobby.