Create a Website to Practice Digital Marketing

Today we are going to learn how to create an entire website from scratch by choosing a WordPress theme.

First step is to register a Domain Name.

We need a domain name to create a website or a blog.

There are two types of blogs.

We have free blogs at, Both of them will help you create a website on your own but you will get a domain like or

But free hosting has their own limitations. Free hosting have their terms of services that you should not be using it for commercial purposes which means that you may not be able to monetize it, you may not be able to sell it.

Register a domain name and go with

Difference between and will go ahead and help you create a blog and it would be something like is a place where you can download WordPress for urself and you will be able to host it on your own custom domain name

If you don’t have a domain name, to register a domain name is simple.

In google go to “register a .com” and you will get a godaddy result. if you click that you will be able to register a .com domain name just for Rs.99 plus GST which would come to around 125 Rupees.

This Rs. 99 is only available for brand new customers.

I suggest to go ahead a register a domain name, first thing it is not much costly, Rs. 100 is a good amount to start experimenting with.

The second step is to update the name servers.

Whenever you purchase a new web hosting account they will give you something called name servers. Name servers are nothing but servers which contains the IP address of the server. You can go ahead and put the name servers on your domain name.

Click manage inside your go daddy account. Scroll down and click on manage DNS. Here you will find an option called name servers. Click on change and choose type as custom. Enter the name servers of the hosting account from which I am purchasing web hosting from.

While doing this what will happen is that this domain name will go ahead and point with the server where you have purchased the web hosting account.

You can purchase a hosting account at

Just go ahead and sign up for a Hostgator account.

Select I already own this domain.

Enter your domain name

Fill in your details and sign up.

You get the name servers.

Just update the name servers in the go daddy account. Usually, all name servers will send us two name servers called first name server and second name server. Both of them will point to the same IP address.

You can go to place your url there and check if your domain name servers got updated. If it is updated it means the domain and hosting account got connected to each other.

Next step is to Install the Blog

Every hosting account will give you a c panel. Enter the username and password in the control panel login. Once you do this you will be able to login into the control panel.

Cpanel is also usually accessible by going to

Here in cpanel you can find something called WordPress.

Click on install WordPress.

Give home domain name, give admin email and fill in the rest of the details and install WordPress.

Check if you got the mail regarding installation.

In every WordPress blog to login into the admin area, you just have to go into the domainname/wp-admin and login into it by entering the username and password.

The Next step is to learn how to create a theme

Here you will learn how to create a theme for your WordPress blog, how to make it unique, how to write content for your blog.

To choose a theme for your blog,

  1. Dashboard ->appearance->themes.
  2. Add new->search for themes

You will find plenty of themes there.

You can select any free theme. You may find different categories like featured, popular, latest. Select one and click install and activate it. Once activated just check your blog whether it is activated.

You can edit the theme to your own customized needs if you want.

Themes can be changed any time you want.

Making a fresh new post on the WordPress blog

  1. Go to post in the dashboard and click add new.
  2. Type in something
  3. Add media
  4. Click Save draft
  5. Click on Add a new category and add a category.
  6. You can edit the url of the post if you want
  7. Click on publish
  8. Once you publish it is available for the whole world to see

Difference betwen a page and a post is that the post is appearing on the home page of the wordpress blog and will be in the cronological order and pages is something like about us, contact us.


You can create your own favicon by going to favicon generator or design it using a designer.

You should save it as favicon.ico file. You need to upload it in the root folder of your hosting account.

  1. login to cpanel
  2. go to file manager
  3. upload favicon.ico file in the root fold

You can also do it by

  1. Dashboard-> Appearance->header->site identity-> site icon
  2. upload png file and save

Installing Plugins

  1. Dashboard-> Plugins->Addnew
  2. Google analytics-> Install
  3. Yoast SEO -> Install

Check if the site is indexed on google.





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