Creative and Effective Facebook Contest Ideas for 2017

Like this post for a chance to win

This is the simplest timeline post promotion to execute. All your fans need to do is click “like” to enter.


“Caption This” Contest

Post a photo or other image and ask your fans to caption it. You can either select a random winner or select the one with most likes.


Photo comment contest

Ask fans to use the photo comment feature as a means of entry. Pick a random photo from comments or have your fans vote for their favorite.


“Meme This” Contest

A mash-up of a photo comment and a “caption this” contest, post a photo and ask your fans to create their best meme. You can either select a random winner or  ask fans to vote for their favorite response.


Fill in the ——— Contest

Simply ask fans to fill in the blank. You can select a random winner using Woobox’s comment winner picker tool or select the comment with the most likes.


Poll your Fans

Thinking of launching a new flavor, style or color? Ask your fans what they want! Export the comments from the Woobox post tool and sort the comments to calculate the winning flavor/style/color, then select a random winner.


Reward fans for feedback

Post a new product, new design or new feature, and ask for fan’s opinion on the product. This is a great way to both engage fans and get honest feedback from them. Again you can select the winner via random selection or based on the most likes.


Don’t Forget

To publish your rules

You have to publish the rules of your contest! Utilize woobox’s free HTML Tabs to create your contest rules page.

To reach more of your fans through promoted posts

Don’t ask your fans to share your posts as a requirement to enter.

*Facebook Rule

Pick a winner

You can use Woobox’s free winner picker to select your winner! From the “posts” tab in the dashboard pick via random”liker” or “commenter” and export the list of likers and comments. You can even sort the fields to group similar comments together to tally poll results.

Announce the winners

Finally, don’t forget to announce the winners.

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