Customizing a blog – Quick and Easy

Adding a blog post with a featured image

Blog post are simply the articles that you post to your blog.

Just click add a new post and create a post.

To add a featured image just scroll down and on the right side click featured image and upload an image and post the blog.

Changing the title of your blog

Customize-> Site Identity

You can change the title and tagline there and click on save and publish.

Creating Menus

Customize-> Menus-> Add Menu -> Create Menu -> Select Display location (Main navigation) -> Click add items -> click home

Add a new page -> About

Add a new page -> Contact

Click Save and publish

Adding Category Pages to Menu

Adding categories to menus will help users to click the category and see all the posts under that category

Edit Post-> Add new category->Ex: How to-> Update

Lets try adding one more post in separate category

Posts-> Add new->Title-> Description-> Add new category(News)->Set featured image->Publish

Appearance-> Menus-> Categories -> Select the categories-> Add to menu -> Rearrange-> Save Menu

creating About Page

An about page is important because it tells the readers about you.

About Page-> Edit Page-> Add content-> Add media-> Update

Contact Page

Dashboard-> Plugins-> Add new

Search for a plugin called Contact form 7

Install-> Acivate

Dashboard-> contact->contact form 1-> copy the shortcode->Pages-> Edit under contact-> Paste the code->update

Whenever a user fills outs this form and click send you will receive an email.

Add social media share buttons

Dashboard->plugins->Add new->Social by Danny->Install-> Activate

Now the buttons will be added to your blog post.

Adding Social Media Links in the Menu

Social media links will help your readers to find you on Social Media Sites.

Blog-> Customize-> Menus-> Add a Menu-> Create Menu(Social Menu)-> Choose location as Social Menu->Add items->Custom links-> Enter the social media links which you want to add-> save and publish

Adding about the author Section below all the blog posts

This section will help your readers to know about the author of the article.

Dashboard->Users-> your profile->enter name->bio-> Add profile picture-> update profile

adding about the author on the side menus

Dashboard-> plugins->Add new-> Search for a plugin called Smart author->Meks smart author widget->Install Now-> Activate

Dashboard->Appearance->widgets->Drag Meks smart author widget to the side bar-> Name the section as about me->save

Adding social media links on side bar

Dahboard->plugins->Add new->search for smart social->meks smart social widget->install now->activate

Dashboard->Appearance->Widgets->Drag the meks social widget to the side bar->Add text->Add social media links->save

Adding readmore section

This section will help your readers to continue reading more of your articles.

Dashboard->Appearance->widgets->Shamrock posts->Drag and drop it to the side bar-> Name it as Read More->Save

You can apply the same steps on any theme you want.

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