What is Google Tag Manager?

Google tag manager is one container for all Javascript codes.

Tag Manager will give you a Javascript code which you can place on your site.

Inside this contatiner, several javascript codes and tags can be placed.

You can control all the tags from a single dashboard without changing the site’s code.

If you are signing up in google analytics, analytics will give you a separate code which you can place on your website. If you are signing up for some other service they will give you a separate javascript code. There are adwords conversion tracking code, Facebook pixel, there are so many such javascript codes that you have to place on your website. Each one we call it a tag.

Tag manager helps you manage multiple tags from a single login.

Sign up for a new tag manager account.

  • https://tagmanager.google.com
  • Login with your google account if you have it already
  • Once you login you will seee add a new account page
  • Go ahead and set up a new account for your website
  • Enter your site name and click continue
  • Enter a container name and click web if you are using it for your website
  • Click create
  • Go ahead and accept the terms of service
  • In the next step you will see two javascript codes
  • One javascript code you need to place on the head section of your website
  • Additionally, you will have to paste another code immediately after opening the body tag
  • After placing all these codes in your website go to tag manager dashboard.
  • You have sections like new tag, description, tags which are being edited and you will see published container

Placing a new Tag

  • Click on new tag
  • Select the tag type
  • New variable
  • Add the analytics tracking id
  • Triggering-> all pages(Now this google analytics tag will fire across all the pages of your website.)
  • Save it as GA tag and click save
  • click on submit and click publish
  • Give version name for the container

50 different types of tags inside google tag manager



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