Instagram Marketing Tips For 2017: 7 Advanced Strategies to Grow Your Instagram Quickly

Today we are going to talk about Instagram marketing.

Instagram is a great tool for marketing. It added a new feature called stories earlier this year which is a great addition. Because of the instagram stories there is lower engagement in the traditional instagram feed. Take that into account and use both effectively.

Tip1: Choosing the profile name.

Choose a name related to your keyword. Why this is important is because most people wont be searching for your business name unless they know who you are. Most people are going to search for keywords related to your business like shoes, cars, digital marketing  etc.

For example, Choose a name like cars international, foreign cars, amazing cars, retro cars if you are seeing cars.

This will help you gain more exposure and get you in front of your customers.

Tip2: Give an appropriate description in your Bio

Under the profile name you should give some description with an emoji next to it. You can set this up by going to edit your profile in the settings in Instagram.

For example if you are a shoe manufacturer, or you are a shoe brand you can add in “high quality or high luxury shoes”, “running shoe manufacture”, “running gear” Whatever it is that you do put those lines in and give people context to what you are doing.

Tip3: Use the link in your bio

Next is give a link in there which will lead you to your website, to  campaigns or to promotions that you are running outside of the instagram platform. Make sure that you write some text above the link and give context to the link.

For example you can say like 40% off on our latest “x” and put the link below. This will give people a motivation to click the link.

When you are running a promotion I recommend that you do a post about it and also an instagram story about it. In the comments section you can actually add mentions . Something like “Want to build an app? Before you do watch my latest video. Link in the bio @profilename” When people click on that it will direct people again to your profile.

The psychology is that may be people are seeing your stuff in the feed, but not necessarily seeing it on your profile.

You can either use bitly links or links that you can actually track. Just if you want to see if there are results coming in.

Tip4: Add Mentions in Instagram stories

Add mention within our instagram story. If you are doing an instagram story about”hey we have got this new thing going on or hey I just shot this video” add your @mention so people can click on it and get that link easily.

Tip5: Use text on images

Use text on top of images. This works really well because you have very little time to grab peoples attention in Instagram. So make sure you are hitting them over the head.

For example if you have a 40% offer then put that in there. Dont just have a picture of the thing and then put the offer in the text below. Instead put that text on top of the image.

Tip5: Use nice images

The second part of that tip is use nice images. Use good design. You have to visually capture peoples attention. Strong colors, Strong visuals, high contrast.

Tip6: Use Videos

Video is incredibility powerful and Instagram opened this up a little while ago. They also opened the ability to have one minute video. Capture the people within the first three seconds. Think about adding text on top of the video or you might wanna make sure that your thumbnail for that video is really interesting. Put something interesting at the start to visually grab people.

Tip7: Hash Tags

Everybody needs to use hashtags on instagram. Do your hashtag research. If you hit the search icon on instagram you get the explorer thing and you actually see what is trending and what is doing very well for your interest because they actually tailor it to your life. You can actually see things that you would probably be interested in and probably your followers would be interested in. So go to the explorer tab and see and tap on some of those instagram photos and go and see what hashtags are they using. Use different hashtags to reach different audiences. If you use the same hashtag for a long period of time your engagement goes down and you dont reach as many people and you dont grow your followers because you are hitting the same people over and over again. So go and take a look at different hashtags and mix it up.

Instagram limits

  • Instagram caption character limit: 2,200 characters
  • Instagram hashtag limit: 30 hashtags
  • Instagram bio character limit: 150 characters
  • Instagram username character limit: 30 characters
  • The number of people you can follow: 7500 People
  • The number of people you can follow/unfollow within an hour: 20 People(no limit on how many people can follow you)

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