Link Building

Basics of Link Building

Link building is a very essential part of SEO. Acquiring high authority links is going to boost your rankings

What is a Link?

A link is a HTML reference that allows the user to click and visit different pages.

When somebody is on the website and they wanted to go to another page they will see a piece of text or images highlighted and click it and it will take them to the next page. So when we are talking about building links what we mean is we are going to be going out and acquiring those links that are from external sites to us.

When someone is on an external site and click that link it is going to lead them to your site.

How many links do you need to rank well?

It completely depends on the keyword you are trying to rank for. For some keyword we have less competition than others.

For example: If you are trying to rank for a keyword “The best dog trainers in Calicut” probably not a whole lot of competition on the internet for this keyword. There might be a bunch of people in the town doing it but they might not have a properly optimized website or they probably couldn’t afford anybody to do SEO for them.

But keywords like “Kerala Real estate” or “India real estates” are going to be heavily competitive.

So it is not necessarily about how many links you need but it depends upon the keyword you are trying to rank for.

Also its not just about the number of links, it’s about the quality of links.

What is Anchor text?

Anchor Text is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. Something like more info.

Types of links

  1. Natural: Creating great content that blogs and website cant wait to link to.You post something to your blog and without doing anything people start linking to it. That is a sign of very high-quality content. It happens only when you have a certain level of popularity.
  2. Outreach: Asking for links by explaining the value of your content to their audience. You could send an outreach email saying “Hey I just wrote this blog post and I know that your site is about a similar topic and I think your audience might find it useful and would you go ahead and link to it?” By asking this way you don’t always get the link but you get a few and that count very highly. Doing outreach is a great way to get started building links especially when you are new and you don’t have a whole lot of popularity.
  3. Self Created: Creating off page content such as articles on article directories, guest posts on other blogs and videos and link to yourself. Some of them are youtube, SlideShare, Medium, LinkedIn, Quora, Blogger. When you are new it is good to think about self-created links. If Natural and outreach links is not working it for you Self created links is a great way to get started. Also these sites have a greate authority.

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