Social Media Marketing Using Facebook (2017)

Here we are going to take a look at social media marketing using Facebook.

There are lot of components to social media marketing and there are lot of different social networks.

I think you would agree with me that Facebook is by far the biggest social network that has the highest potential to drive you traffic and customers.

Here you will learn

  • How to leverage Facebook for getting traffic to your site
  • Using live videos to get lot of engagement on your site
  • How to increase likes to your facebook page using both Organic and paid ways.

Difference between Facebook Profiles and Facebook Pages

Facebook ProfilesFacebook Pages
Private and Public PostsOnly Public posts
For non-commercial use onlyFor commercial use
Mutual permission is required (a friend request sent must be accepted)No mutual “friending”, people can simply follow your page.
Cannot track traffic or readershipProvide demographic information about your visitors (after 30 likes).
Limited to 5,000 friendsPages have no limits for followers (big plus)
Can be managed by a single userPages can be managed by multiple Facebook users


Traffic Through Facebook Groups

Creating Facebook groups is the best way to interact with your target market and interact with your users. It need not be very big. There will be a lot of communications happening through that group and communications within the target market. I would say that Facebook group is a part of social media marketing inside Facebook.

  • Join relevant Facebook groups related to your business.
  • Before joining a group check the number of members in that group.
  • Don’t join more than 8 groups in one day as Facebook as they might block you.
  • You can also create your own group my linking out the group in email newsletters. When ever you send newsletters or emails regarding ads you can ask users to join this facebook group to get more alerts.
  • After a certain point of time, you will get organic growth as their friends will also join the group.
  • When you have a lot of people in the group, whenever you post something there will be a huge response. This will help you a lot to testing out the market and to know who your target audience is.
  • You can create surveys and post it in the group. By doing this survey you will understand who your target market is. You can post these kinds of posts in the groups which you own.
  • You can share images of news appearing on news papers related to your business.Something like this.

  • You can also create a poll in the group to create a survey

Traffic Through Facebook Page

Facebook page is different from a Facebook group. Facebook page is an official page which is not the same as the personal profile. A personal profile can have only up to a maximum of 5000 friends but it is not recommended to have 5000 friends but you should have only people in your network who you personally know. But the Facebook page is something which is more like a professional page.

We can see the performance status of each post in your page through Facebook insights. You can promote each post through Facebook ads as well. You can share quotes, pictures etc related to your niche. You can also share your blog posts on Facebook to drive traffic back to your blog. This will help you increase your brand awareness.

Just keep engaging your audience by posting pictures, live videos.

To know more about live video ideas for your facebook page check out my blog on Ideas For Facebook Live Topics for your Business 2017

Sharing lot of pictures is important. Although pictures will not drive traffic back to your blog but will keep your blog on top of the mind of your audience.

Facebook marketing strategy involves not just driving traffic back to your blog but also helps a lot in branding where you try to keep your brand at the top of the mind with your audience because almost 80 percent of most of the people’s target market have a facebook account and they check Facebook daily.

Always try to keep your audience engaged.

What you can post on Facebook

You really don’t have to worry about posting viral content about your business. You can use the following templates to create content for your facebook page.

1. Photos – Posting photos is a good option to make your Facebook page live. You can use photos of you, of your office, of something you did today that is tied to your business, a meme, or a nice photo that you can tie into your business.

2. Fill in the blank – Start a sentence and let fans finish it for you. In this way you can make your page more interactive as you will get lot of responses through comments.

3. Quotes – Text or images, quotes are always a hit. Quotes can motivate your audience. Using quote is yet another way of making a content for your business page.

4. Videos – Videos are the superstars of social media. But instead of posting long videos, short videos work well. Of course, you should pick the videos your audience enjoys the most.

5. Questions – Simple questions that can be answered quickly, are about the fans themselves, and can be answered in a few short words really attract comments and likes. Either/or kind of questions, (ex. Yellow or Red? Which is your favorite color?) can also give your page a burst of fan activity.

6. Thank your Fans – Did you just hit 1,000 likes? Always share and thank your fans for their support.

7. News – Something that is relevant to your company or your industry. Be sure to ask your fans what they think or ask them to engage in some way.

Best Days, Times Of Day For Pages To Post On Facebook

Best Days
Higher EngagementHigher EngagementHigher EngagementHigher Engagement
Best Time


Use Facebook insights to track your data and see when your audience is online.

Scheduling posts (DO IT…)

Scheduling is pretty straightforward. Simply go into Facebook, create a new post on your timeline and instead of posting, you click on the clock icon to schedule the date and time. You can do it for the day, week or month.

This way, you can be sure that your Facebook page is consistently putting out quality, well-planned content.

Facebook Ads Manager

Link posts have better CTR when comparing to image post because when a person click the link it will directly go to your blog or website. But make sure in image post also you are giving a link in the description. But also do brand awareness campaign where people learn digital marketing by reading the particular ad image and they remember your name and next time when your audience see a link click ad they are more likely to click on it so CTR increases and also the conversion on the landing page increases.

We will look detail into facebook ads manager in another lesson.


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