How To Use Pinterest For Beginners (2017)

What is Pinterest?

A fun and Dynamic social media platform for showcasing favorite images, fun videos and more. You can connect with other like-minded people by sharing your hobbies and interest through online bulletin boards.

When it was first launched it was just for women.

Background on Pinterest

  • Launched in March 2010
  • Named by TIME magazine as one of the “50 Best Websites of 2011” in August 2011
  • In Jan 2011 they generated more referral traffic than

Linkedin, Youtube and Google Plus in January

Twitter in February

Stumbleupon, Bing and Google in June

  • The average user spends 1 hour and 17 minutes on Pinterest and only 36 minutes on twitter per day.

How to use Pinterest?

First go to

From there you will go to pinterest website and you will have 3 options.

  1. Login
  2. Create an account with email
  3. Continue with Facebook

Enter in an email, create a password, and login.

The next screen you get is where you enter in your name, If you are male or female, and your age.

Next pinterest will ask you to follow five topics to build a custom home feed for you. Scroll through and select five topics that you like. Once you have selected your five topics you are done. This will build your home feed with pins from the topic you selected.  When you click on a picture it will make it larger.

When you click on a picture it will make it larger. The arrow on the left allows you to send this picture to someone else on pinterest, someones email or facebook, google, twitter or yahoo. You also have an option to pin the picture. In order to pin click save, create a board to pin it to where you will have some suggested names or you can go ahead and type in your own.

when you click the picture you can see some options to send it to people, tried it option, You can see who pinned it and follow them if you want to get more pins from them.

If it is a recipe maybe they have a recipe down below. Also you can see the comments of people below. You can also add your own comments.

If you click the three lines on the right it will allow you to explore the topics on pinterest. If you click your profile icon, it will bring it to your pinterest page.

From this page you can create a board and view the boards which you have created. Click on the plus sign and create another board. You can also make any of your boards private by clicking secret. You can also invite people to join this board by clicking the plus sign.

If you click a pin and go all the way down you will see some other pins you are interested in. If you want you can save them and pin to your boards.

You can edit a board by clicking the pencil icon. You can add name, description, category.

You can click the plus sign on the right hand side down  and you will have two options

  1. Upload a pin
  2. Save from website

After uploading make sure you are filling it all the details like description, website etc.

The speech bubble icon on the end is where you will receive notifications and inbox messages.

When you search something on the search bar you will find dropdown arrow on the right which has the following options.

  1. All pins
  2. Your pins
  3. People
  4. Boards

Two Types of Pinterest Accounts

  • Pinterest personal account
  • Pinterest Business Account

Main Differences

  1. To create a business account you need to follow and to create a personal pinterest account you need to follow
  2. You can give your Brand Name instead of First Name and Last Name
  3. You will be able to access analytics to give you insights about your audience and your performance.
  4. You can create Rich pins in business accounts

Rich Pins are pins that include additional information on the pin itself.

Six types of rich pins

  1. Apps
  2. Recipes
  3. Film
  4. Article
  5. Product
  6. Place
  • Pins: Images published on pinterest
  • Boards: Folders on pinterest to categorize pins
  • Pinner: A pinterest user
  • Repin: Act of sharing someones else’s pin with your pinterest followers by publishing it in one of your board.
  • Followers: Pinterest users who are subscribed to your account and are able to see your pins in their news feed.
  • Following: Pinterest users that you have subscribed to, to see their pins in your news feed.
  • Feeds: What you see when you login in pinterest. All the latest pins of the people you follow.
  1. Open your pinterest account
  2. Make sure that you write a keyword rich bio who you are as a business and how you help people.
  3. Add a profile picture(accounts with no profile picture performs less).Profile picture can be your business logo.
  4. Add a URL of your website where you want to point your follwers to.
  5. Create boards with Keyword rich titles. Make sure you are selecting categories for each boards to help people find them and for pinterest to recommend your board. Your boards should be alligned with your topic and be of interest to your target audience. For example if you are in the fitness industry, your boards could be
    • Weight Loss Recipes
    • Protein Rich Drinks
    • Fitness Equipment
    • Motivational quotes
    • Body Transformation
    • At Home work outs etc
  6. Fill your board with original and relevant pins. While adding pins make sure you are giving keyword rich description. For example if you are in the fitness industry and you want to be found when people look for the keywords “workout”, “weight loss”and “fitness” you can add the following description”This 20 minute workout will burn around 300 calories and is perfect for weight loss and can be added to your daily fitness plan.”
  7. Add widget to your website to redirect your audience to pinteretst.
  8. You can also embed your pins boards or profile on to your website. For that go to>tools->widgetbuilder and add the link of the board, pin or profile you want to add to your website and grab the embed code and paste on your website.
  9. Follow people: Follow upto 100 people a day it might give you back a 20 followers a day.
  10. Engage with other pinners regularly by liking, sharing, and by leaving interesting comments.

Pinterest limitations

The Cheat Sheet to Pinterest Limits [Infographic]

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