What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is permission-based marketing.

You have to send messages only based on permission and only for people who have subscribed to you.

This helps build a relationship on a personal level.

No one can restrict reaching your audience when it comes to email marketing.

For example lets say I have a facebook page with more than 1 lakh likes. And if i post something in this facebook page it is not going to reach all the people who liked my page because it is facebook property , they are Facebook users not my users they are just my fans on the facebook platform. These users signed up on facebook with their email id. and if I post sometimes it reaches 10,000 people and sometimes it reaches at the max 20,000 people. If I have to reach more audience then I have to go ahead and pay facebook like boost post or create a campaign around it.

If I have an email list of say around 1 Lakh people and if I send an email to all the one lakh people then there is no one really restricting me because these are my users and people signed up on my website with their email id. Email marketing has immense automation capabilities

Email marketing has immense automation capabilities. You can set up an email marketing automation flow and let it run on its own and the users who have subscribed to you will feel like they are getting a personal email from you with personal attention. Once you set up an automation you can actually scale up to lakhs of email subscribers and still get every email subscribers to feel like you are sending them the mail personally.

If you have signed up for a newsletter, you have signed up to get messages from me and here they are actually looking forward to get them. Its not like you are sending emails to random people who have not subscribed to you even if you have their email id.

First, you ask permission to email them first.  So they will sign up for newsletters. Sometimes they will be a product launch. But that will be only once in a while. If you maintain that gap then your users will be tolerant to receive these messages from you.

In todays world, consumers don’t want to interrupt with ads. Consumers want to give you permission to market them and if you treat that permission with respect then you will be able to show some of the ads.

How to do email marketing?

All marketing activities, all entry points lead to email subscriptions.

You can run FB Lead ads, traffic to landing pages, traffic to blog. All these places the ultimate goal should be do email subscriptions.

Email marketing tools for email marketing automation- Drip, Aweber, Email Octopus. It will be the biggest expense in the business.

Mail chimp give free services as well.

Mail chimp is a web based email marketing service . You can customise it to make them more attractive. You can track results by checking if people are actually opening your emails and how many people are clicking on the content. It is for free if you have less than 2000 subscribers.

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